Fake Abroad Job Agents in India, How to Identify and Complain?

Fake Abroad Job Agents in India

Fake Abroad Job Agents in India - Where to Complain If You are Cheated?: Nowadays Social Media is powerful weapon. Especially Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.  Many organizations like industries, Educational organization, Job Consultants advertise their brand through these social media.

Nowadays you can see many job advertisements for abroad countries in Facebook,WhatsApp Forward Messages, Linkedin, Twitter etc. But We cannot say all these recruitments are genuine one. It is very important to verify the genuineness of advertisements. Because many Job Racketeers choose these social media as a weapon to reach many innocent youngster who miserably falling a victim.

Individuals who wish to apply for abroad jobs should know the term "Recruiting Agent". In india, According to 'The Emigration Act-1983' only Registered Recruiting Agent can advertise, recruit, deploy candidates to abroad jobs. You can find the registered recruiting agents list from the Ministry of External Affairs' official website https://emigrate.gov.in.

When you wish to apply for any abroad jobs, You must apply through Registered Recruiting Agents. Then only your money and efforts will be safe. OK let us come to the point. In India Many youngster try for abroad jobs through local agents. The Following are more common issues when you apply through an unauthorized agent.

  1. Agents Providing you Visiting visa or Tourist Visa instead of Employment Visa
  2. Fake Visa
  3. Intentional Time Delay
  4. The agent may runaway after collecting a lump some amount

Individuals should know where to complain if you are cheated by fake abroad job agents in india. Let us see the step by step guide.

  1. You should elevate complaint to Protector of Emigrants who is registering authority for Recruiting Agents. Also they look after corresponding with Recruiting Agent.
  2. Prepare a detailed complaint, How you approached the consultancy or agent?attach Screen shot of Any social media advertisement, Proof of Payment, Receipt etc. scan them to pdf format.
  3. Submit your complaints documents to the respective protector of emigrants of your region either by post or email.
    You can download the contact details of POE Here
  4. Further in 2 weeks of time, POE forward your complaint documents to respective police station for action under "The Emigration Act-1983".
  5. Once the complaint reaches the police station, you will receive summon to appear for inquiry  and for further process.

If there is no action taken POE on your complaint, you can file RTI Application through online to know the status of your complaint.

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