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Abroad jobs

India is a country with major population of youngsters. The world has always good demand for Indian's skill. Because Indians are hard worker, dedicated & sincere etc. Unlike any other nations, in India education has developed a lot. There are very good institutes across which provide high quality of education in all fields. They include various branches of Indian Institute of Technology & Managements, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and many.

Every year many indian professionals migrate to abroad countries. They include engineers, doctors, nurses, technicians, and semi killed workers etc.

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Why Indian Youngsters desire to abroad jobs?

Good Salary is the first reason why many indian youngsters migrate to abroad. Many countries like UAE, Dubai and UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia etc pay more salary. Apart from these, good living standards, working environment, opportunities to improve knowledge, skill are other reasons.

How to go for abroad Jobs?

Many youngsters especially from rural, semi urban area has very minimal exposure to abroad jobs. They always choose a middle agent for getting an abroad job. Those middle agents are illegal. Usually they include the person who have already worked at foreign. Let us see what is the actual process for abroad jobs.

  1. The first success is finding a legally registered Recruiting Agents (RA) under Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India. Registered Recruiting Agents are the only authorized authority to deploy Indians to foreign employment. You can find the Active Registered Recruiting Agent List from official site emigrate.
  2. Once you Approach the RA, they shall verify your credentials and let you know the available positions for your qualifications. Some agencies may charge you consultation fee or registration fee for this. Recruiting Agents will have Memorandum of understanding with abroad companies or other legally registered employers.
  3. After basic credential documents, qualification verification by the employer, RA will arrange personal interview. Once you are selected, Employer will provide you the offer letter.
  4. Following that, RA will help you in obtaining VISA, Medical Examination, Flight Tickets etc.
  5. A good Recruiting Agent will be with you till joining job in abroad.
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